Charitable Impact

The PGA TOUR is all about giving back, donating over $3.3 billion to charities across all Tours.

Since 2013, PGA TOUR Canada and its tournaments have raised over $6 million for charities across Canada.

At the core of the Fortinet Cup Championship is giving back, with net proceeds from the event directed toward Brown Bagging For Calgary Kids (BB4CK).

BB4CK feed kids every day, kids that are in school and kids that are at-home learning. Everything we do is possible thanks to the community, including volunteers, donors, and partners. Every day, volunteers come together and prepare healthy lunches that are delivered to kids in school; some volunteers come to our central kitchen, while others go to one of the 24 community groups that are spread throughout the city. Corporate groups, restaurants, individuals, all of us get together with one purpose in mind: to send healthy lunches to kids in their community. We are funded by people like you, corporations, small businesses, and everyone that cares about feeding kids in our city.